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3 Forms Of Martial Arts You Must Learn

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You might be simply walking on your way home or just minding your business, and out of the blues, an attacker confronts you with an intention to rob or harm you. Your next move or reaction largely determines the consequences but three things are certain. You can choose to cooperate and give in to their demands, face the attacker, or run for your life.

You don’t have to run away from the aggressor, and there are several forms of mixed martial arts that you can use to secure your freedom or to ensure your safety. One of these forms of martial arts being jiu jitsu. The term mixed martial arts means a kind of combat that involves grappling and striking without necessarily using weapons.

Research shows that every day, the average American is exposed to a wide range of possible attacks that involve the use of knives and guns. This article sheds you some light on some of the three most common forms of martial arts that are applicable or used to various demographics. These i