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Funny sports bloopers and accidents

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The Minutiae of Marina Maintenance

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Personal watercraft platforms

generic strattera adderall Marinas and docks are special places. They’re where the land ends and the sea begins, providing shelter and security for the vessels that ply the waves. It’s no wonder, then, that such a special place should have such special requirements when it comes to materials and construction.

The dock itself is a unique structure. It provides a sturdy walkway out over the water, so that sailor and craft can stand side-by-side before the journey. A galvanized steel floating dock system provides excellent support and durability with less maintenance, while standing up to the elements and the wind.

Getting the dock to float is no simple task either. The material must be able, above all else, to maintain buoyancy. Dense foam fits the bill quite well, and the denser the foam, the more reliable the dock float.


Love Sports and Comedy? Six Funny Sports Videos

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Funny videos bloopers

For the most part, we tune-in to sports to see professional athletes vie for victory on the field of battle. Every now and then, however, we get much more than we bargained for. Sometimes, the results are strange. Luckily for all sports fans, what often results is pure hilarity. Here are 6 of the best funny sports videos from the last decade.

  1. Atlanta’s Phil Wellman Loses His Mind
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    Former Atlanta Braves coach Phil Wellman gets upset in a 2007 game when the calls aren’t going his way. Instead of pulling the ump aside to a have a discussion, Wellman goes insane. In a series of acts that is only topped in insanity by the next in line, Wellman covers up home base with dirt, literally steals third base, and then proceeds to crawl like a soldier toward the pitcher’s mound. Whe


Need a Dose of Humor in Your Day? Try Online Sports Bloopers

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Funny sport video

If you like to watch free online funny videos, then you probably sing praises to the internet at least once a month. However, when you get bored of cats and skateboarding accidents, you can look to YouTube for an incredible collection of all the funny sports videos 2012 had to offer, including the ones 2013 has already offered, and almost anything that has graced the internet prior to that. According to YouTube, 3 billion hours of their videos are watched every single month, and there are 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. You are bound to find hidden gems.

Here are three ways to use YouTube to get your fix.

  • Compilations.
  • Did you know you can find videos by yearly compilation, so you do not repeat videos? Look for all of the funny sports videos 2012 loved the most, and then when you hav


Why We Love Funny Sports Video Clips

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Funny sport video

Ah, sports. The epic battle twixt two mighty foes, pitting skill against skill, might against might, determination against determination, all in pursuit of that most honored title… “The victor”.

But it’s also fun to watch them fall down a lot.

Few things can be more entertaining than an athlete in prime condition, in the best shape of their life, at the very pinnacle of physique… running into a wall or something. Funny sports video clips are popular for good reason: they are the very definition of an unexpected outcome.

Given the wide range of funny sports videos YouTube and similar sites have to offer, you should have no trouble finding bloopers, blunders, and bellyflops in your spectator-sport-of-choice. Basketball stars landing on a nice soft bed of photographers… the precision and power of a per


Filming the Underworld

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Diving computers

A scuba diving equipment list is often more comprehensive than people realize. And there is a lot that you might want to purchase if you are going down under the water. You might want to buy dive cameras or the buy dive watches for example. This will make it so that you not only know when to come up, but you also will not forget the experience when you do.

Scuba divine equipment lists are among the best ways to ensure that you get the kind of equipment that you need. That being said, to buy scuba gear online is not always the easiest purchase to make because you have to deal with asymmetrical information. The thing about asymmetrical information is


The Thrill of Victory, but Mostly the Other Thing

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Sports video

We really are lucky to live in the age we live in. Funny sports accidents have no doubt occurred since the dawn of human kind, with our fellow homo erectus making whatever sound passed for laughter back then as Unk tried to catch the rock with his teeth again (oh that Unk). But in this marvelous electronic age, the funniest sports moments can be recorded, preserved, and watched constantly at parties between rounds of Apples To Apples. But categories are fun, so here are the three main categories of funny sports videos.%3Cbr%3E

  • Professionals Making It Look Like That Was What They Meant to Do. Picture it. The wide receiver leaps up in the air, arms outstretched, and somehow manages to pull the ball into his gloves, only to have his legs simultaneously knocked sideways by a defender. Our intrepi

The Funniest Sports Video on the Web

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Funny sports videos

Anyone who remembers watching TV during the 1980s and 1990s probably recalls sports magazine ads where you can get a “free” sports bloopers video with a one year subscription to the magazine. Of course, these bloopers videos were only available in VHS, and you had to wait about two months to receive it, if you were silly enough to fall for the campaign. Well, perhaps that is not fair, for when you think back to the 1980s, there was no internet, no digital or on demand cable, and, honestly, one can only sit through so much of those annoying Sportscenter guys. And when you also consider that it was during the 1980s that athletes began to “earn” insane 20 million dollar contracts, who could pass up the opportunity to watch them fall flat on their faces?

Today, if we want to see funny video there are about a