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The Minutiae of Marina Maintenance

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Personal watercraft platforms

http://ahmed-kamal.me/?p=2936&lang=en Marinas and docks are special places. They’re where the land ends and the sea begins, providing shelter and security for the vessels that ply the waves. It’s no wonder, then, that such a special place should have such special requirements when it comes to materials and construction.

The dock itself is a unique structure. It provides a sturdy walkway out over the water, so that sailor and craft can stand side-by-side before the journey. A galvanized steel floating dock system provides excellent support and durability with less maintenance, while standing up to the elements and the wind.

Getting the dock to float is no simple task either. The material must be able, above all else, to maintain buoyancy. Dense foam fits the bill quite well, and the denser the foam, the more reliable the dock float. One-piece construction is favorable to any two-piece, since any seam will increase the likelihood of failure.

And don’t forget the miscellaneous accessories that every marina needs. Dock boxes can help keep useful items (such as fishing roads, tie-downs, and life jackets) close at hand. Polyethylene boxes can warp or sag with changes in temperature, causing the closures to misalign, but fiberglass solves this problem by remaining strong and straight in every condition. The same material is used for dock ladders and pile caps (a pile cap can make sure your piles don’t warp or rot, and pointed pile caps can discourage seabirds from landing there).

Sea-faring folk lead a slightly different life, and as such, have slightly different requirements and demands when it comes to equipment and structures. Next time you head down to the dock, look around to find the little things that set the mariner’s life apart, and then get out there and enjoy the water.

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  • Peter Terry
    November 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm |

    I don’t know, I think having gulls on the piles adds a bit of charm to a marina. It’s like having pigeons in a New York park… it’s all about the atmosphere.

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