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Behind The World Wide Soccer Phenomenon

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From soccer in Ireland to soccer in Germany to soccer in the USA, soccer has been a much beloved sport for many years. It dates back centuries, to the late 1840’s, where the official rules of the game of soccer were first ever drawn up at Cambridge University in England. Since then it is a game not only played in England but in countries around the world, from soccer in Ireland to soccer in Costa Rica. Soccer is almost universally loved, and many people enjoy playing soccer recreationally as well as watching it.

Soccer is hugely widespread. This can be seen at any World Cup soccer event, a competition in which the best team by country wins the honor of best soccer playing country in the world. Such a competition happens once in every four years, and is held in a different country each year. For the rest of the time, countries compete nationally and in other international competitions. In England, where soccer as we know it today first originated, teams play in different leagues ba