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Being a professional athlete is what most kids are dreaming about at a young age! A lot of people have the perception that having a job as an athlete makes you a person that is noble, honorable, and full of dignity. I do agree custom dissertation writing and believe that athletes spend a lot of time and effort pushing themselves. I, myself, was an athlete most of my life and now I concentrate most of my time studying athletics. My name is Courtney Leto. I enjoy do my homework for me fantastic sociology research issues viewing and sharing bloopers from sporting events and I have found some of the most hilarious sports videos that have ever been recorded. Every morning, while I’m having my morning cup of coffee, I spend at least an hour searching online on youtube for videos with slapstick, witticisms, glaring stupidity, weird behavior, nosepicking, and all other humorous happenings in the sports world. I like to share these videos with my friends, family, and some coworkers. These people all agreed that I should create a website for others to have access to view all of these videos that I have shared with them and these videos demonstrate my astute taste in comedy. Who wouldn’t be at ease to sometimes take a break from watching mainstream sports and sports broadcasting? It can definitely be relaxing to forget about all the drama and intellectualizing that comes with popular sports! If you haven’t tried it before, you should sit back and relax with some extremely silly sports footage and you won’t be able to stop smiling and laughing, which is refreshing after a long day at work. Be ready to brace yourself for some of my best selections of videos, and some high-quality articles that discuss these comical videos from a critical standpoint!


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